What our clients say

My back has two ruptured discs. There was no warning when this injury occurred and after the pain, no easy way to move forward. I came to Barbara to regain strength and courage to improve my health. We’ve accomplished this and I continue to gain confidence in this effort. Thanks Barbara!

Theresa O’Leary

I just returned from a hike in Tryon State Park – a beautiful place right in my backyard. For at least a year & a half, I was not able to hike in there because of the sciatica I had developed & could not seem to find anything to relieve the pain. A friend recommended Barbara & her Pilates private classes. I’ve been going for over a year and feel like I have my exercise life back. Her instruction has made it possible for me to be without pain, hike when I want plus ride in the car for 3 hours comfortably. I’m a Believer!

Jean Gale

Never having been in a regular exercise program, at age 70, I hesitantly undertook Pilates with Barbara. After the first session I was determined to continue. I had never worked so hard, but amazingly, I loved it. Barbara made the sessions challenging, and fun. Her extensive knowledge of physiology and her ability to make me feel like I could be successful, even with scoliosis, captured my loyalty. Over the next year I worked with her twice a week, and slowly lost 20 pounds and 2 dress sizes. Delightedly, I had to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Then I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my ankle and foot. After 6 months, including surgery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy, with doctor’s permission, I slowly went back to Pilates. Barbara added foot massage to the specially designed Pilates sessions. Now after 6 months my foot is pain free, I have resumed my daily walks, and have renewed physical energy, strength and confidence. I look forward to every session. Thank you Barbara!

Carolyn Carr

I have had many massages in my life due to old injuries from playing college sports and a career in the US Army. Without hesitation, I can tell you Barbara gives the best massages I have ever had.

Tom Grace, President Grace Premier Fitness and Wellness Products, Inc.

Barbara helped me recover from a rotator cuff injury with massage and exercise treatments. I was told by doctors that I needed surgery if I wanted to go back to work as a firefighter paramedic. After 1 year of treatment my shoulder was fully recovered.

Alan B.

Okay, this is hard for me to say, but somehow I managed to morph from a lacrosse playing cutie into a carb munching chubby. Ouch. I couldn’t even touch my toes without huffing and puffing! Barbara’s experience and skill set are matched only by her compassion and sense of humor. I really believe that she can work with anyone at any level. Hey…I think I may pick up that lacrosse stick again.

Ani Avedissian, Energy Intuitive

Barbara has a huge breadth of knowledge when it comes to helping tone and strengthen our bodies. I play tennis regularly and was complaining of neck and back soreness. Barbara pointed out that ‘real’ tennis players do more than just play tennis – they need to work on strengthening their body for their sport in addition to core strengthening. Since practicing some very easy exercises she taught me, I do not have neck and back pain now and find that I can play tennis more often also. I highly recommend Barbara for her patience and training expertise.

Stephanie A. , Weight Loss Health Coach

During my recovery from a back fusion in 2001 I met Barbara Dieringer as one of the assistants at Northwest Spine Management. She offered massage and Pilates along with work on specialized equipment MedX. Working in that setting she has gained insight into caring for injuries and post operative patients at many levels and understands their special needs. After the Physical Therapy business ended she started her own business, Core Synergy Massage and Fitness, and continues to offer massage and physical training with or without the Pilates machine. In addition to working with me in the postoperative recovery of my spinal fusion, she has also been involved with issues concerning my neck and mid-spine (post trauma), and an ACL injury of a knee. I appreciate her ability to listen and modify the program depending on my needs and the response of prior sessions. She has given many different exercises to do at home in addition to activities at her studio. Maintaining as much physical fitness and core strength, but being cognizant of the limitations, has allowed both recovery and progress in my ability to be active and reduce level of discomfort. I appreciate her unique experiences and abilities.

Rebecca Kubitz, MD

What I love about having a massage with Barbara is her ability to help me relax from the moment I step into her professional space. Her warm welcome and calming manner allow my hectic thoughts and stress to begin to fade away.

Barbara is not just one who does massages, rather she can speak to the needs of the body, and address corrective measures that could improve ones overall condition, be it an injury or stressed related. She has given her professional advice in each of these areas to me, and it has always been helpful. Barbara listens to her clients needs. If I need a deep tissue massage she will use a best technique to improve my condition.

Barbara is a special person who gives above and beyond the ordinary. Barbara gives her client a first-rate experience that leaves one always looking forward to the next scheduled appointment.

Patti Beckham